What do you think the impact of Croatian accession will be on BiH?

Aida Brzina, Stolac

Croatian accession to the EU will certainly have an impact on BiH. If BiH does not implement reforms in the field of foreign trade, and does not adopt EU standards, Croatian doors for our products will be closed. It will certainly have a negative impact on the economy, given the proportion of exports to Croatia in total exports of BiH. However, it could be an opportunity for BiH on its European path. If the necessary rules and regulations are met, not only will Croatian doors be open but the whole EU, which is a potential market of 500 million consumers. Identity cards of BiH citizens are in line with EU regulations, so it is likely to remain the possibility of entering into Croatia with ID card, which is certainly positive.
Croatian membership in the EU should not be seen as a problem but as an incentive to solve problems in our country, as well as an opportunity to move closer to the European community.

Ognjen Pavlović, Zvornik

First of all, Croatian accession to the EU will change the laws governing the concretely, the import of products to BiH. If BiHlaws regarding the manufacturers do not comply, it will mean the total collapse of our food industry. Our country will also lose the most important market in terms of conditions that correspond to our producers, because it is obvious that our manufacturers are not yet ready for the EU market. Also significant for us is the fact that probably a large number of Croatian companies will shift their headquarters to BiH due to the lower production costs, since joining the EU will drastically increase the cost of the above mentioned companies. This will mean new jobs, which would pump a new dose of energy into BiH. To conclude, if we work on ourselves, Croatian accession to the EU will bring multiple benefits to the country.

Adna Alihodžić, Goražde

I am sure that all of us will feel change and firstly visibly when in the summer we prepare to relax, and long lines across the border welcome us. When I think about the exporting of BiH goods, there is no room for optimism because it is known that measures will be stricter and that new rules will be applied. The question will be whether our country will be able to follow these new rules. At best, I want this to be our wake-up call, to change things for the better and that we do not remain a black hole in Europe.