Do you think that the upcoming State Census is necessary for BiH?

Davor Ivancevic, Busovaca

Bosnia and Herzegovina needs a Census because each statistic in BiH is unreliable and irrelevant given the fact that the Census has not been implemented for two cades, and because during that period the country passed through a turbulent period. The Census will allow theestablishment of the facts and that it will at least make BiH a little closer to normal states where a Census is not an issue. The only thing I resent is the politicization of the process and, in my opinion, the bad preparation for the Census. Butthis should not be surprising given that we have the most incompetent and most corrupt government in Europe. I am skeptical about the real possibility that the Census will be performed as it was announced because nothing in this ridiculous country can be done so easily…“.

Sanja Golijanin, Trebinje

Bosnia and Herzegovina should have implemented a Census long ago, so everyone could have a clear picture of the current demographics that are crucial: the exact number and the structure of the population!

Sead Sadic, Brcko

BiH needs a Census, but only after accomplishing Annex 7 of the Dayton Agreement because refugees should be allowed to return to their homes. The upcoming Census in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a huge social, political, economic and scientific importance. I hope that this process will be carried out in circumstances of real democracy in line with European and international statistical standards.

The census is a very important process because this is the first time that we will freely declare on census in a free BiH. I believe that the Census should include all relevant and interested parties – from the institutions to the citizens. However, unfortunately only a small number of the citizens are familiar about the process. For all citizens in BiH, the census is not just a statistic because it has a great social, political, economic and scientific importance. Therefore, I believe that this process will be implemented in right way and to the satisfaction of all parties.