Should the right to education be free of political, national and religious influence in order to fulfil its role of helping individuals to acquire creativity, knowledge and skill?

Nikolina Cabak,  East Sarajevo

When we talk about the education system in our country, it is impossible not to link it to politics, nationalism and religion. Unfortunately these are the three most common factors in all spheres of life in BiH. That is why I fully support and advocate for the liberalization of education. Children and young people need to be provided with knowledge and encouraged to be creative, and not to be burdened with politics and religion. Knowledge requires knowledge, not manipulation. And within that context, set free children from possible bias and other differences. While everyone is entitled to their political, national and religious commitment, but above all, everyone is also entitled to have general and ”healthy” education.

Darko Baotic,  Livno

Mixing these issues in politics is like mixing grannies and frogs. Given that religion should be a private matter for each person therefore should not have an impact on something that should be universal. Education is a basic value of society and should reflect the richness and diversity of society. We need to get the most out of our children and develop them, and not to bother them with unnecessary matters like politics.

Adna Aganspahic, Travnik

Every child has a basic right to an education as only knowledge can overcome all prejudices. Issues to do with religion, the nation and all that is going on currently in education. I think we all should advocate that children have the best possible education which will be unique in the entire country. That kind of education will teach them to be open-minded and open to new ideas.