How do you see BiH’s EU perspective as we move towards a new year?

Stevan Stancic,  Celinac

In the coming year, I expect that the EU will profile and concretize its policy positions towards BiH and that our politicians respond to it in an appropriate way. I would like to see Sejdic-Finci case finally solved and acceptable model of election of members of the Presidency be agreed. I would also like that the borders with BiH neighbours, primarily with Croatia, are ratified and thereby eliminate potential misunderstandings and blackmail as was the case between Croatia and Slovenia. I would not like to see suspension of visa liberalization mechanism, but rather the elimination of all cross-border limitations. We need more investment from EU member states, which will help increase the final production in the sectors in which we have raw materials and natural resources, wood, electricity, mining, water, agriculture etc. I sincerely hope that over the next year the current rise of right-wing political options in the EU that could jeopardize its enlargement will diminish. And, my greatest wish is that the BiH finally begins resolving its environmental problems, primarily the impact of climate change, and that our European neighbours help us in these efforts. Finally, it would be nice if BiH wins the Eurovision Song Contest, if we deserve it of course, so that in 2015 we can organize the event in Cajnice or Kupres. Why not? It is possible!

Sanela Agacevic,  Zenica

Unfortunately there is no single factor that would positively contribute to bringing BiH closer to European integration. Even according to the words of international officials, all the necessary elements to abandon or surrender BiH to some other forms of ‘integration’ but not EU integration. In 2014, we will have national elections. However, to be honest, our realistic expectations are low, because the same political parties and ideologies will be listed again and, so far, they have failed or do not want to succeed in finding a political solution. In order to have any changes, which would give us at least some hope towards moving towards EU integration, it requires the emergence of entirely new, healthy forces. However, I fear that all of this does not lead to EU integration, but to a pathless strong-arm system.

Vedran Sevcuk, Banja Luka

I do not even see it. I sincerely don’t see some big progress of BiH in upcoming year. Politicians are just promising, and I did not notice any progress this year, so I am equally pessimistic about next year. They say that the young people are the answer to the future. Unfortunately, the only exit for the youth I see in is “running away” from this country, because their opportunities here are small as long as political leaders – the authorities and opposition alike – refer to religion and nationalism during the elections, and manage to get their votes that way. And for that I blame the citizens for voting for them. Instead they should be doing something and providing services, primarily to us – to the youth, bringing a better perspective of our country. I wish us all the best of luck!