While all other countries in the region continue to make progress along the path towards the EU, BiH is falling behind. Whose responsibility do you think it is to speed things up?

Manuela Susnjar,  Bihac

We know who is stopping us. We have already acquired that knowledge. We know who, on a daily basis, reduces the chances of BiH to keep pace with the rest of the world. These are the smart ones who do not want to go forward, because they simply benefit from the current situation. The only ones who can speed up the future is us – the citizens of this country. We are the ones that can, and that will have to change ourselves and the authorities around us. We are the ones that can speed up the progress of BiH on the path towards the EU by rebelling, by protesting and by going out onto the streets. Young people all agree – we have to fight! We are trying to forget the past and want to go only forwards. We have to tear down the barriers between us. We alone can speed up the reconciliation process and equal access to EU member states. Our future is our responsibility. From the ruling authorities, we are not even expecting anything. Therefore, we need to wake things up ourselves while there is still time because our country is our responsibility. BiH is the country of its citizens.

Kristina Gligorovic,  Tuzla

The speeding up of the process must come from those who are overpaid in their jobs and who receive huge monetary compensations despite embarrassing results achieved due to their lack of work – namely our politicians. The only news we have sent to the EU since the last elections has been that they cannot agree on anything. Both the media and citizens have the responsibility to monitor what our ‘leaders’ are doing, or not doing, and to strongly and clearly demand fulfilment of all obligations set by the EU in the integration process.

Jovan Kovac, Trebinje

Neighbouring countries in the region have succeeded in passing and implementing laws needed for joining the EU. BiH is in a deep political crisis and is blocking these processes. The main problem is that BiH is not a functioning state. The political decisions needed to advance towards the EU are being blocked by politicians who profit from this situation. Although major constitutional changes are needed, these are not possible due to the current political system.