How relevant is the Erasmus Mundus study programme for young people in BiH?

Boris Franjic,  Kakanj

The Erasmus Mundus programme is very important for young people of BiH. This project can contribute to the progress of BiH. Economically we are in very bad position. Despite many highly educated people we keep on sinking deeper and deeper. An out dated education poor infrastructure in educational institutions and student’s lack of culture, knowledge and skills affect enormous production of poor educated people with high education diplomas. Student and teacher international exchanges will help create a generation of young people that know about different cultures and customs. These are the people that will be a driving force in terms bringing about future economic progress. Our society still does not understand the needs of European and other international markets. The day when we have a great number of highly educated persons willing to use their knowledge and skills acquired through this programme we can expect to see economic development and therefore the BiH state.


Mima Kemez,  Zenica

This programme is very important for young people because it opens possibilities for their further education. This programme is ideal our region although BiH is rich in talented young people it is nevertheless often hampered from continuing their studies due to the financial situation. This programme not only provides financial support for training, it also opens new doors for our community that helps BiH youth receive professional development, get a quality education regulated by European standards, which will later be able to educate a new generation. If it starts in BiH it would help contribute towards the development of our country not only in terms of much needed economy but also in other scientific fields too.


Ana Brkic, Ljubuski

As most young people in BiH cannot afford to study or even travel abroad and they see Erasmus as best way to do so. From my own personal experience I can say that being part of the programme, I was able to gain completely new way of studying. I have met people from all around the world and had wonderful time. It is one of the ways for young people to leave this country for at least a short period of time in order to acquire new knowledge and way of thinking that they can apply in their communities upon their return.