How important is the pro EU orientation of political parties in the next General Elections?

Mak Mujadžić,  Bihać

Conflicting political views have transformed social and economic problems into political ones. Courts of justice and prosecution services are inefficient and contribute to unstable situation and a rise in crime in all sectors of society. With record high unemployment rates, excessive government spending and bad budget distribution, with agriculture brought to its knees, huge interest rates and a lack of foreign investments, the time for change has come. Hopefully it will come through elections, which makes Pro-EU orientated political parties the only acceptable option, parties that will concentrate on reforming the economy, strengthening the rule of law, protecting human rights and social equality. The question is how much can be done in a system that supports the partition of a country, a system where everyone is in charge and no one is responsible.

Dejan Kerleta, Istočno Sarajevo

One of the important issues is for political parties to give a clear and precise answer on the vision of BiH in the EU in terms of presenting their programmes. It is still a strategic issue for both entities and what are they all willing to do when it comes to implementing the necessary reforms and harmonising the laws and regulations with the EU acquits. Moreover, political parties should provide a plan on how to obtain funding through pre accession funds. It is vital that political parties show a certain level of knowledge of the EU system and present clearly their vision for BiH within the EU. It is clear that much still remains to be done, to change and to learn, when it comes to EU integration. It is evident that political parties should take over responsibility for civic education concerning value systems, legislation and regulations, and to work on the necessary promotion and affirmation of European values. With regard to the national interest as some of the most sensitive issue, it is very important to talk about the position of the entities when BiH becomes part of a modern Europe. Political parties that demonstrate sufficient political maturity and a desire to incorporate BiH on the road to a better tomorrow deserve the public’s trust.

Rasim Ibrahimagić, Živinice

Pro-European orientation of political parties for the upcoming elections will not solve the everyday problems faced by citizens. All political parties agree about the European course of BiH, but what is really important is that they want to actually move BiH forward on this EU path during its next mandate. If political parties continue to only advocate for this course, and do not do what is necessary in order to speed up the process, then any pro-European orientation in of itself has no purpose.